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For those who were interested in reading Kielmukka article and don't speak Finnish here it is a rough translation:

A simple life by the Höperö River
Misha Del Val and Raisa Raekallio first met in Greece 14 years ago as exhange students. Next time they crossed paths again it was in Berlin a year ago. Now they live together in the village of Sirkka, where they share their love and passion for the art of painting. A hundred year-old barn by the Höperö River serves them as atelier.
Raisa is a Sirkka local. She completed a Fine Arts BA in Lahti Art School. Then she went on to live and work in Helsinki for ten years. For all this time she always felt the pull back to her roots in Lapland. Finally last summer, after visiting Misha in Berlin, she returned home. 
Misha travelled to Finland for the first time last Autunm to pay back a visit to Raisa. He arrived at the time of the first snows and he immediately fell in love with the beautiful landscapes of Lapland. In February 2014 he moved permanently to Sirkka, by Raisa’s side. Misha comes originally from Spain, where he completed a degree in Fine Arts. He lived and worked as an artist in Australia for eleven years before staying in Berlin last year.
The Lappish way of life suits this artist couple. They lead a simple life, and they find much of their inspiration in the Lappish scenery and its forever changing colours and moods.
Raisa and Misha have begun a fruitful artistic collaboration, which includes doing paintings together. Their lastest joint work is a portrait of gallerist Maria Grandell, spouse of artist Reijo Raekallio. Thanks to this portrait Raisa and Misha are now receiving new comissions.
Their recent works will be on display soon at Kittilä Library. The exhibition, called “Maaginen maa – Magic Lands”, run 1st-31st of August and it will be opened by chairwoman of Staalo cultural association, Tiina Puljujärvi.

Raisa Raekallio & Misha del Val "Pöntsö" 60 x 80 cm, oil on canvas, 2014

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