Tuesday, March 17, 2020

La nación transparente y la casa de madera

Video de nuestra performance 'La nación transparente y la casa de madera' presentada en la Fundación Bilbaoarte el pasado 5 de marzo. Y tú donde buscas refugio?
. . . . .  
Footage from our performance 'The Transparent Nation and the Wooden House' presented at Bilbaoarte Foundation last 5.3. And you, where do you seek refuge?

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


This morning, through the narrow opening of our kitchen window, we saw, walking pass our backyard, someone who had left everything behind. They didn’t know their name (although they made up one in the spot to satisfy our immodest curiosity). They couldn’t really tell whether they were a man, or a woman, or a girl, or a boy, or anything in between, or anything beyond. They didn’t seem to recall belonging to any Homeland, nor having any other direction than gently moving forward; their steps leaving a graceful trace on the snow. They kept walking silently, looking pleasantly at the open sky, carrying nothing in their pockets, softly breathing in the crispy morning air, until they just got lost in the distance.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Esta es una de nuestras pinturas en colaboración, que viene con nosotros a Torre de Ariz Basauri (Bilbo) para la exposición 'Space Refugees' 

Óleo/tela, 60 x 53 cm. 2019

Sunday, December 8, 2019

New website

Our new website with the nuts and bolts of our collaboration.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Space Refugees in Bilbao

Our current series of paintings in Bilbao.

Photos: Koldo Jones and Victor Landeta, thank you x

Friday, October 4, 2019

Taidemaalariliiiton 90-vuotisjuhlanäyttely

Galleria Napa (Rovaniemi) hosts until 23.10 an exhibition celebrating the Finnish Painters' Union's 90th year on the road. The exhibition, organised by the Artists' Association of Lapland, features some of our recent paintings in collaboration, in the formidable company of works by artists Markku Heikkilä, Henri Hagman, Juhani Tuominen, Sanna Haimila, Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna, Noora Ylipieti, Paula Suominen, Pertti Lohiniva and Satu Kalliokuusi.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Space Blankets in Lapland

Until the end of the month Raisa Raekallio's and Misha del Val's Space Blankets paintings at Särestöniemi Museum café-reception.

In the artist couple’s current artistic project Space Refugees a bunch of mysterious, outer-space beings, endowed with space blankets, flee their distant worldhomes and seek refuge in our planet. The paintings, dominated by a sombre atmosphere, show the journey of these space migrants: some still wander with their families in a dark limbo, some have already made it to Lapland, and the least fortunate float, like Dr. Frank Poole in that unforgettable scene of 2001 Space Odyssey, in the void of space.

A central, common element in these paintings is the silver and golden glittering space blanket, which provides protection (and hope) to the vulnerable creatures from the cold, dark, harsh conditions. Perhaps, the artists identify with these homeless refugees of space, looking for shelter, meaning and sanity in their own space blanket of art making.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Captain Painting and Space Refugees in Space Blankets

'Captain Painting and Space Refugees in Space Blankets' (oil on linen, 145 x 170) completed during our recent stay in Kakslauttanen for the Arctic Art Week. The folds in the space blankets play with the patterns of the windows in the Kakslauttanen planetarium, where the painting will find its home.


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

II Sirkka Arte Biennale

Second edition of the biannual art event taking place in the buildings and outdoor locations of our property in Sirkka; with works (paintings, photographs, drawings, video, tele-gig) of artists from Kittilä, Rovaniemi, Imatra and Helsinki. Curated by Misha del Val.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Arctic Art Summit 2019

The 3 days of thought-provoking debates at the Arctic Art Summit 2019 in Rovaniemi are now over. Hot arctic issues, such as the the necessity for the North to make its own decisions and the risks of exoticization, have been well delved into. Meaningful connections have been established between people working diligently for the sustainable development of culture in the Arctic. We come out of it refreshed with new perspectives, thrilled with prospects and, we may say, with one last consideration: the term ‘arctic’, that so many are willing to display on their lapels and titles, proves to be as useful as far as a 'working definition' goes. Beyond that, when you try to pin it down, delimit its actual boundaries, create adherence to it, the term reveals its unreliable, unsubstantial character and its inability to call forth a description of something actual, for its nature is just that of a mental construct fundamentally rooted on subjective experience. (Similarly, we can enjoy nowadays a wide offer of fashionable concepts, terms and labels, that when worn a little too tightly, tend to foster hierarchies between people and nicely make you feel more special) #arcticartssummit

As a finale of their performance, the collective Nordting invites the audience to celebrate their Nordic-ness by drinking vodka on the stage.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Suuri kiitos Taiken Lapin rahastolle ja jurylle päätöksestään tukea taiteellista yhteistyötämme! Tämän apurahan turvin voimme rauhallisin mielin astella aamuisin studioon ja kehittää yhteistyötämme kevein sydämin seuraavan kuuden kuukauden ajan. Onnittelut myös muille apurahansaajille!

Thank you Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Lapland Regional Fund, and the persons in the jury for supporting our artistic collaboration!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Upcoming Exhibitions

-tm galleria, Helsinki, Finland, July 2020 (solo)

-Torre de Ariz Cultural Centre, Bilbao, Spain, Feb 2020 (solo)

-Artists' Association of Lapland 'Artist of the Month', Korundi Art Museum, Rovaniemi, Finland, 2020 (solo)

-Taidemaalariliiton juhlavuoden näyttely, galleria Napa, Oct 2019 (group)

-'Särestön kahvilan kuukauden taiteilija', Särestöniemi Museum, Kaukonen, Finland, Sep 2019 (solo)

-Ars Kärsämäki 2019, Finland, June-July 2019 (group)

Current exhibitions:

-'Echoes from the North / Kaikuja pohjoisesta’, Galleria Kakslauttanen, Finland (group)

-'Kuvataideviikot', galleria Napa, Rovaniemi, Finland (group)

-Kittilä Library, Kittilä, Finland (solo)

Friday, April 19, 2019

tm galleria - Helsinki, 2020

Ilouutinen tänään, maalauksista ja keramiikkaveistoksista koostuva Galactic Refugees-teossarjamme tulee näytteille tm-galleriaan 2020. Hienoa päästä Helsinkiin näyttelynpitoon ensimmäistä kertaa!

Today we received the notification that the series of paintings and ceramics we are currently working on 'Galactic Refugees' will be in exhibition at tm galleria in Helsinki in 2020. 

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019

Aineen reissu

Olipa hienoa käydä tämäniltaisissa Aineen taidemuseon uuden näyttelyn avajaisissa, Joel Karppasen valokuvia ja videoteos Veikko Halmetojan kuratoimana. Pääsimme myös näkemään museokokoelmia, mikä on aina herkullista, ja maistamaan vegaanisia tarjoiluja. Vahva suositus näytelyille! Kuvissa Raisa Joel Karppasen koskettavan punainen Kemi - aiheisen videoteoksen äärellä ja tsekkaamassa naapuriamme Palsaa. 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

A week of Art in Helsinki

Thank you Helsinki for having treated us so well. We are now on a train north back home to Lapland, after an exciting, edifying and fruitful week in the city, seeing lots of art and meeting a nice bunch of humans 💪

On our first day wandering about the streets of the centre we bumped into to the paintings of Mari Sunna through the glass window of galleria Anhava. The exhibition offered us -who live surrounded by paintings- another yet extraordinary painting experience: we were compelled to lay down our eyes carefully on the paintings, as they seemed to crumble and fade away by our own very act of looking. 

The next day, the day of Misha's 40th birthday, we spent three and a half unforgettable hours at Wuorila-Stenberg Henry working-space, sharing a conversation on the sweet and sour of life in a birthday gift sent by the cheeky gods governing this universe. 

On Tuesday we traveled to Espoo for the underpublicised, boyish-kind-of display of collaborative works by Daniel Richter, Tal R and Jonathan Meese at EMMA Museum.  

Veikko Halmetoja welcomed us with a cup of tea on Wednesday at ARTag, his art-space in Hietalahdenjatu, and presented us with his wide knowledge on the local art scene. 

On Thursday before hitting the night with our friends Kati Karvonen, Anu Välitalo and Reetta Sironen for some perinteistä suomalaista musiikkia in Kallio, we joined in Heidi Lampenius for the vernissage of her handsome show of abstract paintings at Helsinki Contemporary. 

The following day we discovered Umut Kiukas little quirky space -Make Your Mark- at the opening of Jani Hänninen dynamic works on paper. 

Over two different evenings, Friday and Wednesday, we attended two very different, but equally fabulous gigs at galleria Huuto and galleria Rankka.

At the weekend we encountered at A2 Galleria Ilari Kähönen's sensitive and sensual processes of creating colourful drawings. We were pleased to find a painting in Kiasma (although it 'had to' include headphones and a soundtrack next to it to be 'in') and were touched by a series of works on old-age at HAM. And, of course, we visited Forsblom with accomplice Hanna Kari to confirm what ios common knowledge: no matter what you put on those walls, they just become red dots. 

Yesterday on our last day on the capital we went back to Rankka with our sister Helka Rissanen to meet artist Jyrki Riekki, who very gallantly showed us around the space and from whom we purchased a small but intense artwork for our own collection.

Thank you Terhi Vuorinen and Kati Ruohomäki for opening the doors of your homes, kitchens and hearts, and take us in with such a warm effortless hospitality.

A bit of a pity we didn't take any pictures of these meetings and events, but then again...

Kiitos Helsinki, nähdään taas. Palataan!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Este cuadro se lo regalamos a los que viven a media voz; a los que transigen con lo aceptable; a los pulcros, a los justos, a los que nunca se tropiezan; a los que no reconocen aún el brillo de la mirada cómplice; a los que el final no les encuentre con la carita henchida de puro vivir. R&M

Raisa Raekallio & Misha del Val
Untitled, 2018
Oil on canvas, 162 x 138 cm.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Works on Paper

Thank you dearly everyone who gathered last night at the finissage of our show at galleria Napa! 

Exhibition continues today Sat until 16h, and only two more days: Tue and Wed 12-18 h

insatallation view

At the opening night

Sunday, January 27, 2019


Our works featuring in the cover and through the texts of the Writers Association of Lapland magazine issue for 2019.

#raisaandmisha #raisaraekallio #mishadelval #raisaraekallio_mishadelval
raisa raekallio misha del val

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Performance by Raisa and MIsha "So how do you do in Finland? Well it depends when you are asking"

'Video of the performance piece in collaboration between artists Raisa Raekallio and Misha del Val, presented in Sirkka, Lapland, Finland, on 11th September 2015. "So how do you do in Finland? Well it depends when you are asking" is a piece in 6 acts dealing with the tides of identity and culture, in an scramble of current affairs and personal experiences.

Act1 – Introductions: M holds a chorizo. R holds the horns of an elk. 

Act2 – Please Be Tolerant: M sits in front of the chorizo and says to it in Finnish "I am tolerant, you are tolerant, he/she is..." R with the elk's horns emulates the movements of a bull. 

 Act3 – The Song: M sings a Basque song and R sings a Lappish song at the same time. 

 Act4 – Multicultural Multinational: M and R sit together. They eat pizza and drink beer from major brands. 

Act5 – Papers: M buries his passport. R tapes her passport to her face. 

Act6 – Opening Doors: M and R take turns in opening the front door of two near-by buildings.'

Also in youtube: