Friday, April 19, 2019

tm galleria - Helsinki, 2020

Ilouutinen tänään, maalauksista ja keramiikkaveistoksista koostuva Galactic Refugees-teossarjamme tulee näytteille tm-galleriaan 2020. Hienoa päästä Helsinkiin näyttelynpitoon ensimmäistä kertaa!

Today we received the notification that the series of paintings and ceramics we are currently working on 'Galactic Refugees' will be in exhibition at tm galleria in 2020. Very happy to present our joint work in Helsinki for the first time.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019

Aineen reissu

Olipa hienoa käydä tämäniltaisissa Aineen taidemuseon uuden näyttelyn avajaisissa, Joel Karppasen valokuvia ja videoteos Veikko Halmetojan kuratoimana. Pääsimme myös näkemään museokokoelmia, mikä on aina herkullista, ja maistamaan vegaanisia tarjoiluja. Vahva suositus näytelyille! Kuvissa Raisa Joel Karppasen koskettavan punainen Kemi - aiheisen videoteoksen äärellä ja tsekkaamassa naapuriamme Palsaa. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

New joint facebook account

We've opened a new facebook account, where we will be sharing pictures, updates, stories, videos about to the artistic work we do in collaboration 😀

Saturday, March 9, 2019

A week of Art in Helsinki

Thank you Helsinki for having treated us so well. We are now on a train north back home to Lapland, after an exciting, edifying and fruitful week in the city, seeing lots of art and meeting a bunch of nice humans 💪

On our first day wandering about the streets of the centre we bumped into to the paintings of Mari Sunna through the glass window of galleria Anhava. The exhibition offered us -who live surrounded by paintings- another yet extraordinary painting experience: we were compelled to lay down our eyes carefully on the paintings, as they seemed to crumble and fade away by our own very act of looking. 

The next day, the day of Misha's 40th birthday, we spent three and a half unforgettable hours at Wuorila-Stenberg Henry working-space, sharing a conversation on the sweet and sour of life (as well as touching in what lies beyond the realm of words) in an improvised birthday gift sent by the gods of this cheeky universe. 

On Tuesday we traveled to Espoo for the underpublicised, boyish-kind-of display of collaborative works by Daniel Richter, Tal R and Jonathan Meese at EMMA Museum. Veikko Halmetoja welcomed us with a cup of tea on Wednesday at ARTag, his art-space in Hietalahdenjatu, and presented us with his wide knowledge on the local art scene. 

On Thursday before hitting the night with our friends Kati Karvonen, Anu Välitalo and Reetta Sironen for some perinteistä suomalaista musiikkia on Kallio, we joined in Heidi Lampenius for the vernissage of her handsome show of abstract paintings at Helsinki Contemporary. 

The following day we discovered Umut Kiukas little quirky space -Make Your Mark- at the opening of Jani Hänninen dynamic works on paper. Over two different evenings we attended two very different, but equally fabulous gigs at galleria Huuto and galleria Rankka.

At the weekend we encountered at A2 Galleria Ilari Kähönen's sensitive and sensual processes of creating colourful drawings. We were pleased to find a painting in Kiasma (although it 'had to' include headphones and a soundtrack next to it to be 'in') and were touched by a series of works on old-age at HAM. And, of course, we visited Forsblom with accomplice Hanna Kari to confirm what we knew already: no matter what you put on those walls, they just become red dots. 

Yesterday on our last day on the capital we went back to Rankka with our sister Helka Rissanen to meet artist Jyrki Riekki, who very gallantly showed us around the space and from whom we purchased a small but intense artwork for our own collection.

Thank you Terhi Vuorinen and Kati Ruohomäki for opening the doors of your homes, kitchens and hearts, and take us in with such a warm effortless hospitality.

A bit of a pity we didn't take any pictures of these meetings and events, but then again...

Kiitos Helsinki, nähdään taas. Palataan!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dancing Together

The videos show us working together in front of a painting. When size allows we jump on the canvas at the same time, working next to each other. With smaller formats we generally take turns.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Raisa Raekallio & Misha del Val
Untitled, 2018
Oil on canvas, 162 x 138 cm.

'Este cuadro se lo regalamos a los que viven a media voz; a los que transigen con lo aceptable; a los pulcros, a los justos, a los que nunca se tropiezan; a los que no reconocen aún el brillo de la mirada cómplice; a los que el final no les encuentre con la carita henchida de puro vivir. R&M'

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Works on Paper

Raisa's and Misha's works on paper in galleria Napa, Rovaniemi, January 2019.

Instalation view

Works by Raisa

Works by Misha

Sunday, January 27, 2019


Our works featuring in the cover and through the texts inside the 2019 issue of the Writers Association of Lapland magazine. 

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raisa raekallio misha del val

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Performance by Raisa and MIsha "So how do you do in Finland? Well it depends when you are asking"

'Video of the performance piece in collaboration between artists Raisa Raekallio and Misha del Val, presented in Sirkka, Lapland, Finland, on 11th September 2015. "So how do you do in Finland? Well it depends when you are asking" is a piece in 6 acts dealing with the tides of identity and culture, in an scramble of current affairs and personal experiences.

Act1 – Introductions: M holds a chorizo. R holds the horns of an elk. 

Act2 – Please Be Tolerant: M sits in front of the chorizo and says to it in Finnish "I am tolerant, you are tolerant, he/she is..." R with the elk's horns emulates the movements of a bull. 

 Act3 – The Song: M sings a Basque song and R sings a Lappish song at the same time. 

 Act4 – Multicultural Multinational: M and R sit together. They eat pizza and drink beer from major brands. 

Act5 – Papers: M buries his passport. R tapes her passport to her face. 

Act6 – Opening Doors: M and R take turns in opening the front door of two near-by buildings.'

Also in youtube:

Thursday, December 27, 2018


Works On Paper on Raisa Raekallion ja Misha del Valin yhteisnäyttely Galleria Napassa 21.12.2018-16.1.2019. Päättäjäiset pidetään 11.1.2019 klo 18-20. Näyttely muodostuu kahdesta paperille toteutetusta teossarjasta, ja mukana on myös yksi taiteilijoiden yhteistyönä valmistunut teos. Tämä on ensimmäinen kerta, kun taiteilijapari asettaa omat teoksensa vierekkäin galleriatilaan, antaen mahdollisuuden tarkastella kahta erilaista rinnakkain kulkevaa kädenjälkeä ja luomisprosessia sekä nähdä niiden erot ja yhtäläisyydet.

Kittiläläissyntyinen Raisa Raekallio (s. 1978) ja Bilbaosta lähtöisin oleva Misha del Val (s.1979) asuvat Kittilän Sirkassa ja työskentelevät yhdessä maalauksen, piirustuksen ja performanssitaiteen parissa. Taiteilijaparin yhteistyössä toteuttamia teoksia on ollut aiemmin tänä vuonna esillä Kemin taidemuseossa ja galleria Espacio Marzanassa Bilbaossa, Espanjassa.

Raisa Raekallio kertoo teostensa synnystä: “Piirtäminen on minulle intiimi, mutta välitön ilmaisutapa, jossa ei ole sääntöjä tai rajoituksia, vaan joka vaatii herkkyyttä, uteliaisuutta ja ehdotonta rehellisyyttä. Tussi ja vesiväri tekniikkana eivät anna tilaa korjailulle, joten harha-askeleet jäävät näkyviin. En pyri piirroksissani tiettyä lopputulosta kohti, luomisprosessin ytimessä on olla avoinna ja läsnä syntyvälle teokselle. Tästä tilasta piirrosjälki kumpuaa. Viiva vie piirtävää kättä, ja eteeni ilmestyy kasvot, ihmisfiguuri, kädet tai puu. Joskus, jos olen onnekas, voi teokseen laskeutua ripaus kosmisen huumorin tomua. “

Misha del Val presents a series of works on paper that were created during a month-long stay in a forest cabin in Lapland. Del Val’s current readings of short-story writer, essayist and poet Borges project a thin shadow onto these works, and so it does the artist’s daily practice of sitting meditation. The drawings murmur about forests, the certainty of death -as an incentive for life- and the magnetic void of starry nights. Once again, trees -and del Val’s subjective relationship with trees- become a key element in his creative processes. Not only at a level of figuration, trees intermittently attending the works, and as an ongoing source of inspiration, but also in the physical presence of trees in the works. The use of natural tar as artistic material, unifies these series of drawings: they smell of tree. These are images of trees (and broken humans and laughable buddhas and impervious lands) painted essentially with trees: paper, charcoal, tar.

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raisa raekallio misha del val 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A Work for Aine

'Kauheat Syntymäpäivät' (oil on linen, 50 x 60, 2018) belongs now to the collection of Aine Art Museum in Tornio. Our first work in collaboration (hopefully of many) to enter public collections. 

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raisa raekallio misha del val 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

In and Beyond Paintings

These are the two paintings we recently made for the 150th anniversary of the municipality of Kittilä. We painted them together. Using local scenes and motives -familiar to us- the paintings hold the possibility to open up to a reading of a more universal character. These two complementary paintings -in season of the year and in gender- might reflect two essential complementary spiritual qualities.

The first painting depicts through fractured, ligneous marks and gestures the final strides of a figure stepping out of concealment into a luminous unknown. The underlying quality of this work might be that of a willingness to go beyond, to discover and see by ourselves, to leave behind obsolete beliefs and stagnant world views. It may affirm the courage of being honest with oneself, both in what we already maintain as certain -and makes us feel safe- and as we glimpse into the vast realm of what we don’t know. 

The figure in the second painting in turn reminds us of the possibility to remain sensitive; at ease within our vulnerability; open-hearted within the ebbs and flows of our lives' journey. The prevalent quality in the second painting might refer to that (rare) uncompromising resolve to be and move in the world from a place of kindness, despite any circumstance, towards oneself and others. The work would be proposing an on-going embrace, with that same unconditional care a mother profess for her young baby, extended across all the width of this moment.

Different spiritual traditions refer to these paired spiritual qualities under different names such as ‘wisdom and compassion’, ‘truth and love’, ‘higher intellectual centre and higher heart centre’, ‘mental and emotional balance’… the list goes on. They may also be broadly understood as the female and male principles or energies present in each of us.

Raisa Raekallio & MIsha del Val 'Willingness to See', oil on linen, 105 x 125 cm, 2018

Raisa Raekallio & MIsha del Val 'Nourishing', oil on linen, 135 x 115 cm, 2018

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raisa raekallio misha del val 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Echoes from the North

'Echoes from the North' is an exhibition featuring a selection of artists from the Artist Association of Lapland / Lapin Taiteilijaseura.

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raisa raekallio misha del val

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Espacio Marzana 15.6 - 30.7

Thank you everyone who made it to the opening of our exhibition last Friday!
The exhibition continues at Espacio Marzana until 30.7

'Salí a dar un paseo. El día era luminoso y fresco. El bosque a estas alturas del año va recuperando su olor a bosque y la nieve va convirtiéndose en un recuerdo cada vez más transparente. Esa mañana, la de mi salida, me movía el afán de lo otro. Caminaba hechizado por horizontes de hojalata, por tintas granujas y por promesas de un carrusel con luces de ciudad.

El verde naciente del bosque alentaba mi paso. Agraciado por vientos propicios de los que gozamos únicamente los sandios, me planté de unas zancadas en la cara adversa del mundo. Allí entre las jacarandas y los ficus durante cinco años y medio, alquilé mi libertad de náufrago. Conocí el arte de sentarme y expuse la piel al misterio del juego del cricket.

Poco a poco el sol iniciaba su inevitable descenso. El cuerpo se fue acostumbrando a la postura del viaje y, a pesar de nuestros profundos afectos, se nos derrumbó la noción de casa. Comencé a notar que el paisaje me resultaba conocido y extraño a la vez. Caí en la cuenta de que andaba en círculos y finalmente de que me había perdido. Fue entonces cuando me di de morros con mi Norte.

Apenas recuerdo vagamente cómo fue que nos encontramos la primera vez -pues nos habíamos visto muchas veces antes. Recuerdo que al mirarnos a los ojos comprendimos que no sabíamos nada y por eso forjamos el compromiso de caminar juntos. Ocurrió, como muchas otras cosas buenas, en sauna. Decidimos compartir el paseo, desayunos copiosos, la madera de nuestras monedas y tirones de almohada. Y ya que ambos estábamos en lo mismo, nos pusimos a contar con barro la historia de lo divino.

Así que hoy regresamos juntos los tres. Regresamos respondiendo al silbido amigo. Traemos el murmur de los árboles, migas de fiestas de cumpleaños, un cesto de mimbre lleno de cosas intocables, folios interminables de apología del jugar, aventures cósmicas vividas desde dentro, desde todos lados, caperuzones colorados muertos de risa, racimos de perspectivas incandescentes y el temblor que nos derrite: el triunfo de la vida para siempre.

Lo que partió ya no se encuentra y los que hemos regresado lo hacemos con la certeza de no haber partido jamás. ¿Es el viaje que nos llevó el mismo que nos encuentra hoy aquí en pleno carnaval en el regazo de tu costa, tierra amiga?'

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raisa raekallio misha del val

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Performance 'Nervión-Ounasjoki'

Performance presented at Espacio Marzana, Bilbao 22.6.18

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


*El negocio del soñar es parecido en todos lados.

*Las cosas para lo que son: la cabeza para hacer puentes y la voluntad para rendirse.

*El Ministerio de la Celebración.

*Hallando la vulnerabilidad del mundo.


*El temblor que nos derrite: el Triunfo de la Vida Para Siempre.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

'Not Very Sure if We Did It, but We Take Full Blame and Credit for It'

Presenting this Saturday at Kemi Art Museum our new performance piece 'Not Very Sure if We Did It, but We Take Full Credit for It'. In this work we respond to some of the questions commonly addressed to us about the ways we paint together. We do this from the context of performance art.