Raisa Raekallio b. 1978 Kittilä (Finland)
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Lahden Taideinstituutti 1998-2002

Misha del Val b. 1979 Bilbao (Spain)
Master of Art studies, Collage of Fine Arts, Sydney 2008-2009
Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Basque Country 1997-2003

Raisa Raekallio and Misha del Val are an artist couple working together in drawing, painting, performance art and comic, based in Levi (Sirkka), Lapland, Finland. Raisa and Misha started their working collaboration in 2013 following an uncannily similar taste for art, a devotion for the forest and a deplorable sense of humor.

The artist couple's new artistic project in collaboration 'Galactic Refugees' (2019), comprises the production of a new body of paintings and ceramic works based on a fantastical scenario, where outer-space beings seek asylum in our planet, fleeing havoc in their own distant homelands. This scenario, which serves as a departing point and general conceptual framework for the artistic project, mirrors the precarious movement of masses of people in a desperate search for a safe place to live in our present-day world. The works -through a playful, poetic, non-documentary language of hand-made objects- pose questions on how we personally relate to the current international refugee crisis and the responses/attitudes that these migrations generate within our societies.

Raisa and Misha’s unique approach to making paintings -sharing the brushes, the canvas, the walls and working together at the same time on the same surface- calls upon the artists for an attitude of openness, respect, trust and self-assurance. 'We depend on each other for the success of the enterprise.' The dynamics of this collaboration are intimately connected with the qualities ‘Galactic Refugees’ sets up to question in the broader context of our society.

Individual Exhibitions as Raisa Raekallio and Misha del Val

2020 Torre de Ariz Cultural Centre, Bilbao, Spain

2020 Artists' Association of Lapland - Artist of the Month, Korundi Art Museum, Rovaniemi, Finland

2019 Särestön kahvilan kuukauden taiteilija, Särestöniemi Museo, Kaukonen, Finland

2018 Kemi Art Museum, Finland

2018 Espacio Marzana - Cultural Projects, Bilbao, Spain

2018 Works on Paper, galleria Napa, Rovaniemi, Finland

2017 Galleria Valo, Arktikum, Rovaniemi, Finland (with photographer Juha Tolonen)

2016 Galerie Pleiku, Berlin, Germany

2015 Aitta-studio, Sirkka, Finland

2015 Buddhistisches Tor Berlin, Germany

2014 Aitta-studio, Sirkka, Finland

2014 Kittilä library, Finland

Group Exhibitions as Raisa Raekallio and Misha del Val

2018 ‘Echoes from the North / Kaikuja pohjoisesta’ Galleria Kakslauttanen, Finland

2018 ‘Polte’ Galleria Kellokas, Ylläs, Finlnad

2017 Portrait Now, Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark and Ljungbergmuseum, Sweden

Performance Work

2018 'Nervión - Ounasjoki', Espacio Marzana, Bilbao, Espanja

2018 'Not Very Sure If We Did It, But We Take Full Credit For It' Kemin Taidemuseo

2017 'The Misgivings of Perfect Love' Aitta-studio, Sirkka, Finland.

2016 ‘The Joy of Not Being What I Think I Am’, galerie Pleiku, Berlin

2015 ‘So, How Do You Do in Finland? Well, It Depends When You Are Asking’ Aitta-studio, Sirkka, Finland


2016 ‘Ulkomaalainen’ Kielmukka magazine, issue 2016


2018 Arts Promotion Centre Finland - Traveling Grant to Bilbao, Spain

2017 Arts Promotion Centre Finland - Working Grant, Regional Fund, for exhibition at Kemi Art Museum

2016 Arts Promotion Centre Finland -  Traveling Grant to Berlin, Germany


Aine Art Museum / Aineen taidemuseo, Tornio, Finlnad

Bilbaoarte Foundation, Bilbao, Spain

Kittilän Kunta, Finland

Gällivara Council, Sweden


Taidemaalariliitto, Painters Association of Finland

Lapin Taiteilijaseura, Artists' Association of Lapland

Contact:, +358 505376969 (Raisa) +358 414713455 (Misha)

Raisa Raekallio and Misha del Val at their working studio in Sirkka / Levi, Lapland, Finland, 2018

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