Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday Update 5

We started a new painting (without having really finished any of the previous ones, of course :) ). This is a new canvas, that shows our good friend Antonio, stretching his arms towards a majestic tree, as if absorbing its generous presence. Antonio recognizes something in the tree, and the tree recognizes something in Antonio. The painting tells the story of what happens between the man and the tree.

Our working method for these series of paintings remains fairly constant. We draw from a particular experience, creating several sketches often using a photograph. Then we tend to discard the photo, and by means of those sketches we immerse ourselves in the painting. We find that the painting reveals its true face -its mood, its narrative, its characters- as we paint along, that is, as we spend time working on it.

The painting after the first day.

Sketch #1

Sketches #2 and #3

Sketches #4 and #5

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