Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday Update 10

Ahhh a week of many changes this one. With the kids starting their Summer school holidays, the ylioppilaat finally happy with their rose and their cap, and the warm temperatures of May leaving us this chilly, stormy, wet weather. Our painting routines have also been subject to some change... little painting as such to do lately, as our works await the time of exhibition. We have been occupied with other activities, such as photographing the paintings, writing heady media releases and trying to rise awareness of our upcoming events through the social media.

Before departing for Berlin with our paintings we are organising a small preview at our Aitta-studio, here in Sirkka, offering a taste of the work that will travel with us. Wherever you are reading this from, you are most welcome to come and join us for a cuppa and a nibble. To see the facebook event please click here.

We present below the final stage of this painting, that featured our updates some weeks ago.

Oil on canvas, 135 x 115 cm.

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